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Paris American Club Survey 2017

Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative.–H. G. Wells

« Une société n'est forte que lorsqu'elle met la vérité sous la grande lumière du soleil. » –Émile Zola

Dear Current, Past or Potential PAC Member,

The Paris American Club takes its inspiration form Benjamin Franklin, who invited French and American guests autour d'une bonne table while living in Passy, to foster French-American friendship. At its founding in 1940, the club encouraged the United States to join the Allies against totalitarianism. Today, many French professionals and entrepreneurs are moving to New York. Since our membership is about half French and half American, we offer a unique opportunity for exchange across languages, cultures and professional and social backgrounds.

Since our last survey in 2014, many of your proposals were adopted and innovations implemented, such as:

  • Attracting more members and attendees at our events. Membership now stands at 146, double from 72 in 2015, of which some 27 are Junior Members!

  • Scheduling more evening and weekend events and formats, for those who can’t leave the office for long lunches (hélas, three martini lunches are finis in New York for most of us these days);

  • Selection of the National Arts Club venue to provide a “club” atmosphere and services in a more central location between uptown and downtown;

  • Promotion of the club through a new website with updated member directory and videos, advertising (France-Amérique, French Morning, Accueil New York) presence at the Bi-lingual Education Fair and FIAF Bastille Day events and social media presence (Facebook & LinkedIn);

  • Networking cocktail parties vs. formal dinners at the Consulate – which were a major financial loss;

  • Outreach to other organizations (CAFUSA, FACC), educational institutions (EINY and our scholarship to the School for International Studies) and businesses (special offers at France-Amérique and Chandon California);

  • Development of committees to increase involvement, input and transparency, especially a Junior Member committee to guarantee that the club thrives for future generations.

Please help us continue to renew the club by responding to this survey; your opinions are appreciated.


Save the Dates:

Tuesday, October 3rd, Mentoring Launch Dinner 

Tuesday, November 7th, Soirée d'automne 

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