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CORAL Reef Hitchhikers Survey 2015


Welcome to our Quick Survey.

To help our Editors prepare an issue on REEF HITCHHIKERS, we would like to hear your experiences with having unexpected organisms appear in your marine aquarium(s).

Hitchhikers may be "bad" (pests) or "good" (surprise corals, sponges, and the like).

For example, the corals shown above are daughter colonies of the famous "Stuber Acropora," which arrived in a Berlin reef tank decades ago as a tiny colony growing on rock at the base of a soft coral

Responses may be used in the next issue of CORAL, and all readers who respond will qualify for a chance to win a copy of The 101 Best Marine Invertebrates by Scott Michael,  an $18.95 book value.

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Credit: ORA Stuber Acro, image by Vanessa Sommers.