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Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya 2013 Strategic Planning Survey

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Welcome to the Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya 2013 Strategic Planning Survey.  We appreciate the time you are taking to respond to this Survey, which should take 20 – 30 minutes to complete.  Your input will be shared with the Board of Managers, Matt, and Marnie as we work on updating our Strategic Plan.  All individual responses will be anonymous and confidential unless you specifically grant Dudley permission to publish an anecdote or story that you share with us in one of the optional free text sections of the Survey.

Please complete this Survey in one session as you will be unable to “save” the results of a partially completed survey and return at a later time to complete it.  If you leave it before you complete it, you will unfortunately have to start over.

Please note that throughout this Survey whenever we refer to Dudley, Kiniya, Camp(s), etc. we are always referring to both Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya.  Please click "Next Page" to begin.