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Public comment: Guidance for Creating Product Group Benchmarks v1.0

The Sustainable Minds Transparency Report™/EPD Framework is predicated on transparency, openness, and the participation of stakeholders and interested parties. This guidance is a component of the Framework, a 2-part PCR program that provides for continual improvements. The guidance can also be used in conjunction with an existing or new PCR from other programs. Visit the Program Operator Consortium website to learn more about PCR Alignment and Creating PCRs.


This survey is for public comment on version 1 of the Guidance for Creating Product Group Benchmarks, originally issued November 2017.


This document is open to comment by any stakeholder at any time.


Guidance is split into three sections:


Section 1: How to establish an industry-wide EPD for use as a credible product group benchmark

Section 2: How to compare a product-specific EPD to the benchmark

Part B and Benchmarking Addendum: How they work together | Request form


All parts of the guidance are open to comment.